domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012

When someone falls in love with you.

When someone falls in love with you.

That day What a day!, One distant day, or maybe less than you think, will a person does that person fall in love with you, fall in love with the way you walk, so withdrawn, so indifferent, so only. Notice how it is that your eyes shine when you look to the sky, you know that when you tell a lie your eyes move faster, to understand what look is what you do when you do not like something. 
Reach that person, that seems nice the way your nose is most striking your eyes, think that your mouth is a haven for the worthwhile struggle, which provokes fascination the way you bite your lips to every moment, that I doubt about the harm that make your teeth with your lips defenseless. 
Feel free to also look at your face to create your own constellations with these imperfections, which sometimes gives you so many complexes.
 I'm sure you'll notice how you stand in front of someone, because let me tell you that it is impossible not to notice. 
Maybe get to know you better, come to fall in love as yours that way of speaking, you show that nonsense sometimes unintentionally.
 Would have saved a hearty laugh for every joke you, because you do not think I have not noticed how much I like to laugh at your jokes. I hope you inspire confidence, at least enough to leave behind your fear of the opposite sex. 
Perhaps you like the music as much as you, or at least listen to your heart gender, so you have something to talk at first.

Do not know how much I wish someone well into your life, because when someone actually discovers and falls in love with you, your virtues are beautiful and sublime your flaws. And you will never feel invisible, because someone, sometime, fell in love with you.


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